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Xamarin Unlocked


Thank you Microsoft!!!. Following their aquisition of Xamarin Microsoft quickly made it free allowing easy access to great tools for creating native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single code base.

I looked at Xamarin some time back and thought it was a great tool, especially for someone with existing .NET skills and plenty of Silverlight/WPF experience. But!!! the pricing model was such that you were stuck with using Xamarin Studio unless you were willing to fork out $999 per developer per platform. So I started looking at the hybrid tools.

Now Microsoft has made Xamarin and in particular the Visual Studio extension free for everyone I am diving in headlong to create my first app and I want to document my journey by posting here. By doing so maybe I will make it easier for others, and of course I will be looking at how to do it applying Test Driven Development all the way.

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