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My Xamarin Project

So I am ready to start creating my app with Xamarin and Visual Studio, what am I going to create?

Xamarin - Development Environment

So now I am committed to developing a mobile app for three platforms using Visual Studio and Xamarin I need to setup my development environment. In this post I outline the steps to do so, but I won’t duplicate all the steps as there are some good articles in the Xamarin documentation the provide the detail, which I provide links to.

Xamarin - The real cost

So Xamarin is now free and we can all create mobile apps using .NET, but when ready we need to distribute them. Distributing apps isn’t free and the requirements and costs are different for each platform. Before I got too far into developing my first app I wanted to make sure I could distribute it so researched what I had to do get my app out there on the three platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In this post I detail those requirements and costs.

Xamarin Unlocked

Thank you Microsoft!!!. Following their aquisition of Xamarin Microsoft quickly made it free allowing easy access to great tools for creating native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single code base.